Global praise reports and prayer requests: May 8, 2015

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


JESUS Film - Cuba

"Soccer opened the door," said a man in Cuba. "A fellow soccer player shared the love of God with me, but it was not until I saw the JESUS film that his words took root! The tug I had been feeling in my heart to follow the Lord won when I saw His image on the screen! My desire is to help my family and friends find Jesus in their hearts too!"

JESUS Film - Liberia

"I am so sorry for all of the sins I have committed," said Isaac in Liberia. "I knew the truth, but wasted my life drinking and feeling sorry for myself. Tonight, I publicly confessed and repented, asking God for forgiveness. I would like to offer my assistance in establishing a preaching point here."

JESUS Film - Sri Lanka

"Sevenu was touched seeing the JESUS Film," shared a Sri Lankan team. "He came to us and confessed a strong love for Christ and a desire to receive Him as Savior. We are happy for him and excited to see his fervor for the Lord."



David Argabright

David Argabright will bike 575 miles to raise awareness for the children of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The ride, beginning May 8, 2015, will be from Georgia to North Carolina, and the benefits from the ride will help provide faith-based education for children in South Asia. (More information will be posted as it is made available)


Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett, daughter of Dr. Andy and Judy Bennett, was in a car accident April 30 with Andy's sister, Cammi. Their injuries were significant, but not life-threatening. They were both admitted to a hospital in Boise, Idaho; Amy was to be released May 1. The Bennetts, missionaries to Papua New Guinea, had been speaking in Michigan, but Judy flew home on Thursday to be with Amy. (NMI)

Lindell Browning

Missionary Lindell Browning underwent prostate cancer surgery April 27. The doctor is confident all will be well. As Lindell says, "We are grateful that we don't walk alone during these times." Lindell and his wife, Kay, serve on the Eurasia Region. (NMI)


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