Natalia's story: Faith in Central Asia

Natalia* held her 6-year-old, Sergey*, in her arms as he was dying. Suffering from severe asthma, he had seen many doctors who had been unable to help. The medicines they prescribed did not work. During this most severe attack, the family called an ambulance, but in their city in Central Asia it takes several hours for paramedics to arrive.

The boy struggled for each breath until he could breathe no more. He went still. Natalia’s mother cried out, “He’s already dead! He’s already dead!”  Natalia held the boy close and prayed for God to save him while they waited in agony for medical help to come.

“I said to God, ‘You promised my children would be good! You promised me my legacy would be good! You promised that!’”

After 15 to 20 minutes, the boy suddenly took a breath. Then another. He began breathing again. The two women were astonished.

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