NBC offers ethnic scholarships through Multicultural Ministries

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nazarene Bible College and the USA/Canada Region's Multicultural Ministries Office launched a new program at this month's Mission 2015 Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The program will provide Church of the Nazarene ordination courses for ethnic students on the region.

"The new venture will incentivize the younger generation of various ethnicities toward ordination educational opportunities at Nazarene Bible College," said Roberto Hodgson, director of Multicultural Ministries. "This is a multicultural collaboration to raise up a new generation of ethnic pastors." 

Multicultural Ministries will provide scholarships for the Ministerial Preparation Program at Nazarene Bible College to any ethnic students preparing for ordination. The normal cost per ordination class is $125, but will be reduced to $90 per class with the scholarship. All classes are offered in English. Ethnic students may contact Admissions at Nazarene Bible College by calling 719-884-5060 or by sending an inquiry to info@nbc.edu.
--Nazarene Bible College

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