NTC-Manchester unanimously re-appoints principal

Manchester, UK

The Nazarene Theological College – Manchester Board of Governors unanimously re-appointed Deirdre Brower Latz for a five-year term as principal of the college.

“Deirdre leads a team with a strong missional focus and a passionate spirituality," said David Montgomery, Board of Governors. We are delighted that she is going to take the College into the next phase of its growth.”

Brower Latz is a minister in the Church of the Nazarene. After pastorates in Bristol and Manchester, she joined the college in 2000 as lecturer in pastoral and social theology, becoming principal in 2012. Her doctorate focused on contextual readings of John Wesley’s theology and issues of ecclesiology, justice, and urban poverty. She remains committed to teaching and exploring issues relating to urban mission and ministry, Wesleyan theology, and contextual and practical theology.

“NTC exists to challenge as well as to equip," Brower Latz said. "Whether people come to us for undergraduate or post-graduate study we want to nurture students who are theologically informed, as well as courageous; Christ-centred as well as culturally relevant.”

Based in Manchester, the college trains ministers and theologians for the UK and the global church. Through its learning centres across the UK and its partnership with the Scottish School of Christian Mission, the college sends and receives theologians, pastors, and youth workers to and from every part of the world.

--Nazarene Theological College

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