Into the streets: Reaching a neglected community in Kentucky

Ashland, Kentucky

A white van pulled into a motel parking lot near downtown Ashland, Kentucky. The doors opened and six people got out and looked around at 100 doors facing the courtyard. They separated into pairs and began knocking on doors.

“Hi, we are from Intersection Church a few blocks away. We are here to meet you and see if there is any way we might be of help to you.”

At one door, Robert looked at his callers with amazement. “I can’t believe this. Last night my girlfriend and I prayed that God would send us someone to help us get back to Him. Just now, we were sitting on my bed praying again—and here you are.”

One of the men at his door said, “Wow. A few minutes ago we asked God to lead us to someone who needs His help.”

Robert sat on his bed as his two visitors found chairs. “How can we help?” they asked. “Tell us what’s going on.”

Robert told his story of despair. “I’ve been hitting the bottle pretty hard ...”

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