Vote ratifies amendments to Manual constitution

The 2013 General Assembly amended by action seven portions of the Constitution of the Church of the Nazarene Manual in June of that year in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The following September, the General Secretary’s Office released documents containing these amendments to regional directors and superintendents of all Phase 2 and Phase 3 districts.

The Board of General Superintendents is pleased to announce that on 27 April 2015 we received the necessary two-thirds vote (of all Phase 2 and Phase 3 district assemblies), ratifying the amendments for all seven areas in the Constitution. This was achieved just 13 months after the new Manual became effective.

We are grateful to the many participants who made this possible, including regional directors, district superintendents, district secretaries, and district assembly delegates.

The affected paragraph numbers in the Constitution are 14, 21.1, 21.2, 22.1, 24, 26, and 27. In the 2013–2017 Manual, any text shown in brackets may now be omitted from these paragraphs, and any italicized text in these paragraphs may now be considered official additions.

A reprint of the 2013–2017 Manual will not be ordered due to cost considerations. If language is quoted from any of the above paragraphs (which includes at least one Article of Faith), it may now be listed without footnotes, brackets, or italics.

--Board of General Superintendents

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