Geographically, the region extends southward from Japan's northernmost island to New Zealand's southernmost island, and eastward from Myanmar's western border to Samoa, the Cook Islands and Tahiti.

Asia-Pacific Region is home to 40% of earth's people. Much of the region lies within the "10/40 Window" that encompasses many of earth's un-evangelized and under-evangelized people groups. Within the region are earth's most populous nation, its most Muslim nation, and its most Buddhist nation.

The Church of the Nazarene's 45 districts in the 25 nations of the region where it is, with its 13 institutions of higher education, strives to fulfill its Christ-mandated mission.


Our Missionaries Serving in Asia-Pacific


Ackerman, David and Rhonda Aebischer, Todd and Connie
Bennett, Andy and Judy Carr, Jonathon and Abigail
Chapman, Emman and Jade Cho, Joshua "Yoon Gi" and Christina "Kum-joo"
Cunningham, Floyd Deuel, Timothy and Karla
Dooley, Scott and Gail Elliott, Collin and Shireen
Goossens, Randy and Joani Graham, Jaron and Elizabeth
Gualberto, Stephen and Theresa Hane, Dave and Kim
Hintz, Rob and Kolene Hirahara, Tomo and Ceny
Kim, In-Kwon and Jeong-Seok Kim, JongIl and SunZoo
Kim, Timothy and Lydia Kleinfeld, Rolf and Debbie
Ko, Seong Chul and Yoon Jong Kwon, Bill and Mill
Lehman, Lisa McCoy, Bill and Marsha
Meier, Erin Modine, Mitchel and Marnie
Moore, John and Vicki Myers, Jeffrey and Susan
Oldham, Bruce and Peggy Pelton, Kent and Kathleen
Peterson, Adam and Stephanie Phillips, David and Naomi
Potter, David and Sylvia Radcliffe, Jim and Kathy
Riggins, Scot and Jill Schmelzenbach, Harmon and Cindy
Shmidt, Lynn and Sherry Sudnick, Dee
Thompson, Jordan and Rachel Um, Sunny and Lisa
Vander Kooi, Joel and Marvel Watton, John and Laurie
Woolery, Brian and Julie Yangmi, Samuel and Lumae