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Africa Strategic Access Field New Work

Giving Code:  AFS1001
Region:  Africa
Area:  Africa
Cost(USD$):  160,000
About this project: The Africa Strategic Advance Field is composed of five of the least reached nations on the continent. These five countries cover 25% of Africa's geography and 11% of its population. Forty years ago, no evangelical church existed in any of these countries. Today, we have seen breakthroughs in three countries: Country 2 has 2,000 believers among 30 million residents. Country 3 has 100,000 believers among 40 million residents. Country 4 has 2,000 believers out of 10 million residents. ...

SOS - Send One to SENDAS

Giving Code:  AFS1063
Region:  Mesoamerica
Area:  Costa Rica
Cost(USD$):  4,500
About this project: SOS - Send One to SENDAS is a scholarship program for students at the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas. The average cost of an online course is $45, and although more and more pastors and leaders have internet access, in some areas the cost of the classes is beyond reach based on economic situation. ...

Guitars for churches

Giving Code:  AFS1034
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Nepal
Cost(USD$):  500
About this project: Musical instruments like keyboards, GUITARS and drum sets for the church are essential. Normally, songs, choruses and hymns are sung during the worship time in the church and these are heard well and sweetly. Songs with additional melodious sounds of instruments touch hearts, make the church more lively, and make a noticeable difference to the worshippers. Besides, the regular church service, local churches in the district can also use such musical instruments during various other church functi...

Sealands 10C: Computers as Bridges

Giving Code:  AFS1334
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Indonesia
Cost(USD$):  8,000
About this project: Students are eager to gain computer skills, naturally creating bridges to sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard, and at the same time developing their life skills. All gift amounts are a blessing. Computer Needed = 10 unit Computer Cost = $800 per unit Total Project Cost = $8000...

Sealands 11C: Camp for Kids+

Giving Code:  AFS1334
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Indonesia
Cost(USD$):  2,500
About this project: Children's camps, after school tutoring, special events for children similar to VBSs, kindergartens and play groups--all holistic in nature. This project is directed at the 4-14 window--the age that the majority of believers came to faith in Christ. This fund is designed for the greater Indonesia area and East Timor. Scholarship Needed = 5 person Scholarship Cost = $500 per person Total Project Cost = $2500...

Budapest Relocation Project: Sunday School Furniture

Giving Code:  AFS1122
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Hungary
Cost(USD$):  235
About this project: Basic furniture and a white board for the Sunday School room. Requested: 2 cupboards, 4 chairs, 1 table, 1 white board...

Bibles and Bible commentaries

Giving Code:  AFS1034
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Nepal
Cost(USD$):  1,000
About this project: Churches are growing and expanding in many parts of the country. A large number of our pastors live in villages, some in rural areas. Most of these pastors cannot access Biblical institutions. They need to teach their new believers in local churches and in house churches. Bible commentaries are very helpful for local pastors for their self-studies and for teaching to their congregation. Also, it will be a great help for the new believers if Bibles are made available in the local churches. This i...