The Eurasia Region is large, diverse, and complicated. It includes all of Europe, where currently there are four phase three districts and several new areas, the newest being Norway.

It includes all the former Soviet Union where currently there are five organized districts and substantial growth in membership.

It includes the Middle East which is having wonderful success in reaching new areas in that region.

It includes South Asia with over 1.6 billion people and now with 20 organized districts.

Sixteen countries have been opened for the Church of the Nazarene in the past eight years.

Our mission is “to develop indigenous, interdependent, self-supporting churches in the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition”.

And that is happening through local leaders, educational institutions, compassionate ministries programs, and leadership development.



Our Missionaries Serving in Eurasia


Aguilar, Danilo and Emily Almeida, Fernando and Liliana
Arnold, Klaus and Martina Bloom, Casey
Bowes, Heidi Eaton, Danny and Melanie
Galvez, Hiram and Alba Giles, Dave and Marybeth
Glendenning, Martin and Cezi Grigory, Bill and Theresa
Herndon, Josh and Shannon Huber, Ashley
Jara, Trino and Anna Ketchum, Brian and Erin
Mann, Doug and Jennifer McKellips, Bruce and Cinda
Morley, Steve and Annette Pesado, Daniel and Margarita
Phillips, Jonathan Pottenger, Gina and Andrew
Rainey, Scott and Jenni Russell, Linda
Sawatzky, Nikolaj and Lydia Scott, David and Betsy
Skinner, Bob and Colleen Sukanen, Kyle and Becky
Sumi, Joseph and Ree Sunberg, Jay and Teanna