Billy and Theresa Grigory - South Asia

We Can't--But God CAN!

After more than 36 years of pastoral ministry in five great churches in Oregon, Arizona and Southern California, we have been appointed as Specialized Assignment missionaries to the South Asia Field. Bill serves as the assistant to the Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev. Trino Jara, working in leadership & pastor training. Theresa works with field finances and other jobs as assigned. With our education and experience in pastoral ministry--from youth ministry, church planting, leading strong churches with staff, and serving in district leadership--we are prepared to help train critically-needed pastors & leaders in this fast-growing field.

How can YOU help?

Right now, there are 3,813 fully organized Churches of the Nazarene on the South Asia Field, with only 281 ordained pastors. These bi-vocational pastors commonly serve more than one church. New churches are being led by young believers who need to be discipled & educated. The size and scope of the critical need to train new pastors is URGENT! We now have a comprehensive strategy to begin to address this important need for the next five years: the South Asia Field Pastor Education Partnership. With your generosity, we hope to raise $150,000 per year to meet the critical education challenge on this field. It is a 10% Approved Special Project. Would you consider partnering with us in this vital task of educating thousands of pastors across this field?

How can YOU pray?

Currently we are the only missionaries assigned to this field, but we are not doing this alone! We know that God goes before us in this assignment. We have dedicated national leaders to serve with. Your faithful prayers, words of encouragement, and support are vital to our ministry. We thank you for being a blessing to us and the South Asia Field!

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Born in United States


Born in United States

Home District: Southern California

Home Church: Murrieta Gateway

Home Assignment Dates:

Feb 01, 2018 - May 15, 2018