PHI: Vulnerable Children’s Fund

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Giving Code:  127225
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Philippines
Cost(USD$):  2,500

Vulnerable Children’s Fund Special Project is born out of a pastor’s prayer for a child who succumbed to sexual exploitation in their community as means to afford their daily lunch. This child and family needed intervention as well as immediate assistance. The ministry team was actively ministering to the child but had limited resources to provide intervention. This fund is an intentional effort to serve the needs of children identified within Philippines and Micronesia Field Child Development Centers (CDC) as especially at-risk and in need of assistance due to difficult circumstances. These circumstances could include: family crisis/separation, special needs, exploitation, trauma or extreme poverty. These funds are intended to increase opportunities for initial outreach to children who otherwise may not be included in child sponsorship, church, CDC camps, special events, and educational opportunities. These funds may be utilized for crisis intervention as alternative resources and support networks are identified.

CDC in Need = 5 centers per year
CDC Cost = $500 per center per year
Total Project Cost = $2500 per year

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