Wesleyan-Holiness Literature publication-Ermias Choliye

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Giving Code:  132482
Region:  Africa
Area:  Kenya
Cost(USD$):  4,800

Most Creative access and refugee leaders’ first language is not English, but our Nazarene, Holiness materials are primarily in English. Both the refugee communality and leaders are asking for these materials.

Over the last ten years in our leadership development and training program, we discovered the importance of material translation and the writing of Wesleyan - Holiness books in local languages.

So, we are encouraged our local indigenous language translation team and writers to write Wesleyan-Holiness works in multiple East Africa languages. We currently we have writings in Amharic, Arabic, and French that are ready for publication and production.

You can publish these works and transform the lives of many with the message of holiness. Give today, and you will enable more translators and writers to continue to print and distribute Wesleyan-Holiness materials in ways that are understandable and contextualized.

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