Kenya Eastern District Centre

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Giving Code:  132681
Region:  Africa
Area:  Kenya
Cost(USD$):  10,000

We believe district conventions are a vital part of the spiritual growth of our district. We have seen this growth on the Kenya Eastern District spiritually as well as numerically as our membership has increased over the years to total 2,413 members. We are excited to see God continue to work in powerful ways on our district. 

However, the sanctuary we have used for District conventions is small. It cannot accommodate us anymore. In recent years we have rented space for conventions, but we recognize that this is an extra expense for the district.

We have already begun the construction of the district center. With your partnership, we can complete this project so that our Kenya Eastern District will continue to grow and thrive. Your gift enables us to continue to meet together in one place to encourage and press on together in ministry. 


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