M+Power: Sending Missionaries from Eurasia to Eurasia

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Giving Code:  133380
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Eurasia
Cost(USD$):  36,000

They traveled by bus, van, car, and motorcycle to the Mission Center. It was a sight that will be seen in years to come as a historic gathering. Believers from all five districts committed multiple days to participate in missionary training. This the first step for this country to participate in Kingdom-building as a sending church.

One young missionary, Samuel*, shared his reason for attending.

We were so poor we got our water from relatives. We were dishonored in many ways. Amid our struggle, a JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) team member came to our home. He shared with us the hope of the Lord and the chance to change our lives for good. He talked with my father for two days before my father agreed to allow the film to be shown.

When the nails went into the hands of the Lord, I was filled with deep sadness. We all wept. My father was crying in a way I never saw before. When the Lord was resurrected, we were overjoyed! My father was encouraged saying we should be free from our sin. We became believers. I was eight years old - that was 15 years ago.

Our extended family, of another religious belief, was angry about our decisions. I could not understand how our own family could treat us so badly. They would block our path to prevent us from passing by. They no longer gave us water, forcing us to travel great distances. 

Through God’s blessings, our home became a fellowship gathering with my father serving as the leader. In the first year, 22 joined the church. Our community was transformed.

I currently serve has a JFHP team member. The Lord is now asking me to experience His work in another country.”                                                                                              *name changed for security

As a part of the M+Power program missionaries across Eurasia- 

  • Complete M+Power training

  • Have an assigned mentor from their home culture to help participants grow spiritually and persevere.

  • Grow in cross-cultural ability

  • Fill needs in districts and fields across the region

Samuel's story represents just one of the many missionaries across Eurasia who are praying for God’s provision to answer the call placed on their hearts.

Each M+Power participant is expected to raise support related to their ministry and personal expenses. Your financial gift provides resources for the continued support of the M+Power program and annual missionary and coach training on each field so that participants can be equipped for service.  

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