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SEA: Lahu Literature Project

Giving Code:  128559
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Thailand
Cost(USD$):  15,000
About this project: Many of us have books scattered throughout our home. There may be detective novels for fun, textbooks and devotionals for study, and perhaps several copies of the Bible that help teach us about our creator, how to have life with Jesus, and learn about our place in His Kingdom. Books have helped shape nearly every part of our life.
Suppose that you had a very different background. What if there were no books in your life. What type of education would you have if you did not have boo...

ANZ: Bibles for New Zealand

Giving Code:  127202
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  New Zealand
Cost(USD$):  1,500
About this project: Needing Bibles in New Zealand is an exciting challenge! We are undertaking this challenge because we have found that there are many people in New Zealand, including children, youth, and adults who do not have access to a Bible, even in an electronic format. It is particularly difficult for low-income families to purchase Bibles or download an electronic Bible when they do not have internet access or expensive electronic devices. Having access to a Bible you can hold in your hands and use for ...

PHI: Upgrading of College Library

Giving Code:  126978
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Philippines
Cost(USD$):  4,000
About this project: The school needs newer Theology and other reference books, upgrade old and broken library equipment such as computer, study tables and chairs. This project will provide better learning environment for students who are pursuing Pastoral Ministry and Teacher Education. ...

SEA: Southeast Asia Pastor Training Handbooks Development 

Giving Code:  122061
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  100,000
About this project: Can you imagine trying to teach a Sunday School class with no materials? Can you imagine trying to preach without any study tools? In Southeast Asia, putting the Course of Study in local languages is a great need! Our goal is to develop and translate Teacher and Student Handbooks into each of the 8 major languages in Southeast Asia. Local teachers will have modules available in their own languages and local students will finally be able to take home materials (literature or audio) in their ow...

SEA: Southeast Asia Pastoral Training Equipment

Giving Code:  126966
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  5,000
About this project: Stories of how God is at work unify our hearts with Joy! Portable tablets can now become libraries for Pastoral training. Computers help to produce news, books and reports and in the modern world are key to connecting people. In most of Southeast Asia these tools are lacking. We want to provide both the tools and training to expand our stories, reporting and administrative capacity. We are excited to give libraries to pastors! Equipment Est. Coverage = 11 College Learning Centers (150 minis...

SEA: English Scholarships for Southeast Asia

Giving Code:  124617
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  4,000
About this project: English Scholarships are needed for our Nazarene students across Southeast Asia. Several of our districts reach out to impoverished youth and assist in their education (There are several homes and dorms in various countries.) The Field sees a need for English lessons to develop the youth and local leaders who have potential to continue their studies and serve in translation ministries. Until now, when materials need to be translated for the course of study, or when teachers need to be inte...

SEA: Bibles for Southeast Asia Field

Giving Code:  122320
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  2,500
About this project:

In many Asian cultures of Southeast Asia, people live fearful of demonic influence and captive to leagalistic guilt. They need the forgiveness and freedom found in Jesus. But many people do not have Bibles to read, and even if they did many would prefer to hear Scripture spoken to them as reading is not a predominant part of their culture. Southeast Asia is one of the most unreached areas of the world and without a contextualized way for them to access Scripture, they will continue to live wi...

Bibles and Bible commentaries

Giving Code:  122641
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Nepal
Cost(USD$):  1,000
About this project:

Churches are growing and expanding in many parts of the country. A large number of our pastors live in villages, some in rural areas. Most of these pastors cannot access Biblical institutions. They need to teach their new believers in local churches and in house churches. Bible commentaries are very helpful for local pastors for their self-studies and for teaching to their congregation. Also, it will be a great help for the new believers if Bibles are made available in the local churches. Thi...

Asia-Pacific: Audio Bibles for Evangelism and Discipleship

Giving Code:  126333
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  7,000
About this project: There are more than 4 billion oral learners in our world who are unable to read the Scriptures in their own language. This includes illiterate, non-readers, blind and visually impaired. This project will provide Audio Bible devices and appropriate training to Nazarene ministerial students, pastors, and other key leaders in strategic areas of the Asia-Pacific region. The devices will be loaded with the Bible in a local language, and (as requested) other audio training materials such as Course o...

Asia-Pacific: Audio Bibles for CAA area

Giving Code:  126712
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  7,000
About this project: Nomadic groups in remote areas of a CAA are requesting these solar powered devices so they can hear the Word of God in their own language. Many are oral learners so the Audio Bible is a very important resource. Key leaders will be trained in the Bible Storytelling method (Bible Trekking) so members of this nomadic group can become passionate followers of Jesus....

"My Church!" Printing

Giving Code:  126457
Region:  Africa
Area:  Africa
Cost(USD$):  200
About this project:

God wants to nurture children into a deep relationship with him. My Church!  is a Children’s book that explores what it means to be a member of the Church of the Nazarene. This book helps to disciple children through biblical teaching and knowledge grounded in the doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene. We want to continue to use this resource but we need to print more copies for distribution and training.

With additional print copies of My Church!  we ...