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Sealands 8G: INTC Generator

Giving Code:  AFS1334
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Indonesia
Cost(USD$):  4,000
About this project: Frequent electricity outages on the Indonesia Nazarene Theology College cripple the ability to have evening classes, carry out daytime office work, and have smoothly running special events. This generator would keep the entire campus functioning when electrical outages take place. Generator Needed = 1 unit. Generator Cost = $4000 per unit Total Project Cost = $4000...

Copying machine for district office

Giving Code:  AFS1034
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Nepal
Cost(USD$):  1,500
About this project:

In addition to the District Office, Church of the Nazarene Nepal is also establishing a few area-wide offices in the eastern, central/southern, and western Nepal as the ministries of the church have expanded massively in these parts. To make the communication effective and reliable with the field and area offices, as well as the supply of timely reports related to different ministries from each area, office equipment like printers, copying machines, laptop computers and LCD projectors are gre...