Who can be a missionary?

The most important aspect of being a missionary is a consistent and constantly growing and deepening relationship with Christ. Someone with a call to be a missionary should be involved in, and a member of their local Nazarene church. The development of a call into missions can happen where you are now. In our ever growing and changing world most cities and towns have numerous opportunities for cross cultural service close to home. Ministry involvement should be coupled with the desire and initiative to gain cross cultural training, some of which can be facilitated through books, websites, seminars, and mentoring.

A missionary candidate should have a degree in the area they are gifted and graced in and feel called to. A missionary candidate needs to have practical work experience in their desired service role. A missionary candidate also be free of major debt and be in good health.

A missionary candidate must be flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn, as these are all qualities that will be valuable when working and ministering in another culture. While missionaries serve in various roles they should always represent Christ in all they do and say; through love for their neighbor and minister to their community.

A great way to gain cross cultural experience and practical work experience is through Mission Corps. Click here for a list of Mission Corps needs.

God is continually calling His people to fulfill the Great Commission. For some that means staying right where they are and ministering in their local community. For others it may mean living in another world area. Where is He calling you to serve?

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