When will I be ready to go?

Becoming a Global Missionay

The process to become a global missionary is strategically designed to help you assess and reassess your call at various points in your journey. This process is intended to help you become the best missionary possible. Our goal is to guide you as you prepare for a lifetime of missionary service, placed where God can best utilize your gifts.

Step 1 – Recognition and Contact
• Recognize your call
• Contact the appropriate office or website for information

Step 2 – Development
• College/university/seminary education
• Growth in the Twelve (12) Core Elements
• Cross-cultural experience
• Practical experience
• Cross-cultural Orientation attendance
• Missiological Study
• Formal Application

Step 3 – Evaluation
• Formal Candidate Assessment Event

Step 4 – Internship
• Placement interviews
• Pre-field Training
• Deployment to field

Step 5 – Global Appointment
• Regional Advisory Committee interview
• World Mission Committee interview
• World Mission Committee recommendation

Step 6 – Commissioning
• Global Board approval
• General Board commissioning



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