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Missions Priority One


Why Missions Priority One?
God's desire to draw all people to Himself is our mission. When we lovingly, intentionally live out that mission, we are obedient to Christ.
Sometimes we need ideas on how to live a mission-centered life. We need clear, realistic direction to help carry out God's mission. That's the reason for Missions Priority One (MPO).
While there are countless ways to share Christ's message of hope, MPO has goals that help churches accomplish two things: 


   1. Increase church members' passion for God's mission.
   2. Assist churches in taking the message of Christ to the world.


What is Missions Priority One?
NMI has specific objectives in which every local church can participate in order to be considered a Missions Priority One church:

Pray for missions and missionaries throughout the world.

Teach about Nazarene missions, missionaries, and ministry on a global level to adults, youth, and children? This may include teaching through media, printed materials, missions speakers, and special missions projects.

Give—Your church should give of its resources (time, skills, finances, other) to make an impact on others from cultures beyond its local boundaries. 

Children & Youth—Your church should help children and youth learn about missions and support those who feel calls to missions service.

WEF—Your church should give to the World Evangelism Fund


Alabaster—Your chuch should give to Alabster 


Links—Your church should participate in Links, connecting and supporting Nazarene missionaries through communication and prayer.
By making mission a priority, a congregation demonstrates God's passion for all people. Churches involved in mission attract people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.


For more specifics, please see the Local NMI Presidents Report Form.