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Mission Education for Youth

Mission education is important in the life of the church and especially important for our youth. The Church of the Nazarene is a missional church, but many of the new generations do not know our history. It is important for us to let the young people know not only what the church is doing today, but also what has been done in the past.
Mission education is more than just information, it is participation. When young people engage in something larger than their world, they take up the challenge to help others know Jesus and show His love for the lost and those in need.  The more we give youth an opportunity to experience missions, the more likely it is that mission will become a continuing part of their lifestyle.  This is a great responsibility!  

Accomplishing the Task


If we want younger generations to participate in the life of the church, we must undergo a cross-cultural transformation in our own lives. Our minds, hearts, and actions must adapt to minister to young people within the reality in which they live.


One of the principles of education is to transmit information from one person to another. We must teach our congregations, researching what is happening in missions around our churches, districts, regions, and around the world.


Places where we can find information:

  • Church of the Nazarene Web site –
  • Global Mission Web site –
  • Nazarene Missions International  Web site
  • Missionary newsletters and blogs 
  • Maintaining direct contact with missionaries – LINKS, deputation, etc

There is no better way for young people to learn about missions than getting involved. We have must help our congregations to get involved in the life of those in need, and helping fulfill their needs. The Church of the Nazarene provides us with many opportunities for involvement. Not everyone can go, but everyone can give, pray, and support missions.


Some examples of opportunities for involvement are:

  • Participate in missions service projects (such as Work & Witness, Youth in Mission, Youthserve, CAUSE, NCM centers, Good Samaritan churches, community projects, etc.) and/or hands-on missions activities (Crisis Care Kits, School Pal-Paks, relief shipments, LINKS packages, unofficial LINKS, etc.)
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries ( projects like: 30 hour famine and Child Sponsorship
  • NYI Missions Project Offering takes place on a regular basis. Sponsor a "Jesus for a New Generation" youth mission offering project <>. This is the official mission offering project for Nazarene Youth International designed to enable local youth to make a global impact by supporting other youth around the world.
  • Local  and district outreach programs

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