The Mission

"Sharing God's love with the lost to help fulfill the Great Commission"


JESUS Film Harvest Partners is a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene – Global Mission which collaborates with other Kingdom ministries to make Christ-like
disciples in the nations. It is a dynamic, biblically-based movement, which invests in winning people to Jesus Christ worldwide, turning them into passionate disciples of Jesus, integrating them into local churches, and training them in leadership and pastoral skills..

Inspired by laypeople, the ministry invests in:

    • evangelism
    • follow up
    • church development
    • leadership training
    • pastoral education

Harvest Partners

Harvest Partners are those who invest in the ministry through their time, influence, money, and expertise. They support local work and teams who share JESUS with their neighbors in over 100 countries.

The Return on Investment is:


For every $1 invested, there are three evangelistic contacts; for every $3 given, one person makes a decision for Christ. 

Get Connected

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Win 120 people to Jesus this year as a $1 A DAY Harvest 120 Partner.

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