Would you like to do Work and Witness type work in the USA while living in your RV? If so, then RVs On A Mission (ROAM) is for you!
RVs on a Mission is an outreach ministry of the Church of the Nazarene. ROAM provides the opportunity for persons to volunteer their time and skills in meaningful Christian service through Church of the Nazarene related mission agencies, camps, churches, disaster relief, compassionate ministries projects and other designated areas of service.
ROAM Objectives
To provide a central clearing house to match volunteers with mission opportunities.
To be responsive to volunteers' desire to serve.
To be responsive to the expressed needs of local communities, churches, camps and other church related projects.

Membership is open to any person willing to support the purpose of the ROAM Ministry, agreeing to abide by the ROAM Mission Statement and Commitment and profess to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

PO Box 840876, Kansas City, MO  46148
 Phone: (816) 941-7711