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Alabaster Offering
History of Alabaster
In 1948, Rev. Elizabeth Vennum, Global Council member, was asked to think and pray about a challenging project for NMI. Rev. Vennum knew if God wanted the project to take place, He would provide the plan. On the return trip from Kansas City, God gave her His plan of giving "love" gifts. It was modeled after the sacrifice of the woman who anointed Jesus' head with expensive perfume poured from an alabaster jar (Matthew 26:6-13).
At the Global NMI Council meeting in 1949, Mrs. Vennum told of the Alabaster plan God had given her. The Council unanimously adopted the plan, and the first offering was received in 1949.
The Board of General Superintendents approved the plan for Alabaster funds to be used exclusively for buildings and propert­ies in cross-cultural ministries.  
Now, more than 60 years later, Alabaster is still strong, having provided more than 9,000 projects since 1949. Faithful Nazarenes around the world have given over $100 million dollars for this much-needed ministry.