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Missionary Health Care
Children's Memorial Roll

The Children's Memorial Roll (MR) is intended to honor deceased children up to age 12. It is designed to be displayed in a nursery, living room, or hallway. The Children's MR certificate features bright colors and depicts children of diverse ages and ethnicities in the arms of Jesus.
The Children's Memorial Roll is a great way to honor deceased children and contribute to the NMI Missionary Health Care, which provides health insurance for Nazarene missionaries and their families.

The cost of placing someone on the Memorial Roll is $75 (U.S.). You will recieve an 8x10 cerificate that can be presented to the family. Duplicates of the certificate are $25 each.
To see full-sized sample of Children's Memorial Roll Certificate, click on image.

To order a Children's Memorial Roll:


  1. Order Online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
    - Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.
  2. Order by Mail
    - Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. 
    Memorial Roll Order Form
      Print a Memorial Roll Order form.
      Fill out the order form. Important: Please mark the name as instructed on the order form, indicating the honoree was 12 years old or younger.
      Fill out a remittance form (choose individual or church). 
          Remittance form for individual
          Remittance form for church 
      Send the order form, remittance form, and a check for $75 to the proper
       address. The address to which you send orders depends on the world area in
       which you live. See pp. 28-29 of the NMI Handbook and Constitution for the
       appropriate address. 
Reminder: Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery when ordering by mail. For faster delivery, order online.
Need assistance?
Contact Darryl at 913-577-2973 or
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