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For the Local NMI Presidents

Conquering Mission Education Challenges


The General NMI Office team often hears from local NMI presidents who share mission education challenges...


Question: "I want to encourage our church so they will be excited about missions, but I am unable to promote missions in the Sunday morning service. Any ideas?"



Team up with Sunday School teachers. Ask them if they will allow you to "substitute teach" occasionally (once a month, every other month, or quarterly), using the mission education curriculum.

Utilize the bulletin (worship folder) as a place to educate. Develop creative enclosures for the bulletin. 


If your church has a web site, use that as an outlet for mission education. Or create a web site for your church's mission education.


Meet with small groups for a time of mission education. Show videos and distribute the NMI Missions Books.


Be sure to involve children and youth.


Question: "I have one minute to show videos in the morning service.
What can I do?"



Show brief mission awareness videos in the Sunday morning service (no more than 60 seconds). We recommend videos from the Stories DVD.


Or, split a longer video into segments and show it over several weeks. Announce in the bulletin (worship folder) that the continuation of the story will be shown at the next Sunday morning service.


Question: "I know our church is interested in missions, but the attendance is low in our missions services. What can I do to increase participation?"



Once a month (or quarterly), invite church members to a brunch or luncheon following the Sunday morning worship. Decorate the tables with items that correlate with your mission education lesson. Use the exciting information and creative ideas included in the mission education curriculum to make your events fun and interesting. If it's fun, they will come! 


Inspire your church with exciting stories of lives changed through Nazarene missions. 


Question: "Rather than a traditional mission service, what other options are available for mission education?"



The sky is the limit! Gather together a group of creative people and brainstorm about how you can accomplish mission education, aside from a traditional missions service. 


Ask your pastor if you can have 2-3 minutes during the Sunday morning worship service. Use that time to have a "Mission Moment," presenting the monthly emphasis and a challenge. Be sure to stay within the time limit you are given.

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