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For the Local NMI President
Where do I Start?

Here are a few suggestions for how to get started:


  • Inform your district NMI president about your new assignment. The district president will ensure you are added to the various address lists so that you receive the resources for NMI leaders. He/she will also want to meet with you for some "basic training."

  • If you are replacing/succeeding a previous local NMI president, set up a time to meet with her/him. The former local president should have materials to give you, as well as some invaluable advice. Ask the former NMI president to mentor you, if possible, while you learn your job. 

  • Order the NMI Handbook & Constitution from Nazarene Publishing House. Order # R-2013 (Paperback version) Order # R-2013E (Electronic version). Call NPH toll-free: 800-877-0700 or order online (Paperback version HERE, Electronic version HERE.) Once you receive your NMI Handbook & Constitution, read through it, make notes, and write down any questions you have. Your district or former local NMI president should be able to answer those questions.

  • Attend your district NMI convention, where you will receive a district convention packet. Make sure you read through all of the items given to you at convention. Keep everything you receive at convention because you will need these items throughout the year. Pay special attention to your church goals sheet. At the end of the church year, you will report on how your church met its goals.

  • Explore the NMI Web site. There are many resources that you will find helpful in fulfilling your responsibilities.