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Since we launched Engage magazine in 2009, every week we have brought you powerful, compelling mission stories within the pages of our online publication, From astonishing life transformation stories to missionaries’ harrowing experiences, from miraculous healings to personal testimonies of God’s mission call, from emotional audio interviews to vibrant photo essays, we have journeyed to the corners of the world to share what God is doing through Nazarenes and their local churches.


In the past three years we have continued to add exciting features to our offerings:

New monthly Mission Moment slideshow presentations based on recent Engage stories
  • A 9-month conversation series on the essentials of our mission theology
    and practice
  • A series of personal profiles
  • “Live from India”
  • Mission book reviews
  • Weekly profiles of Nazarene missionaries


NMI presidents will find the magazine useful as a portal to easily find stories to promote mission in their churches. They’ll also find links to mission Websites, regional and field newsletters and Web sites, and Nazarene mission stories gathered from other places on the Internet.


Engage magazine offers two ways that NMI presidents and councils can use it to help engage their churches in mission involvement and passion:


First, share the stories with your church family by:

  • playing the audio recorded interviews during small groups or mission services;
  • creating a mission news e-mail chain and forward mission stories to people who sign up;
  • printing off Engage stories to pass out at church or hang on a bulletin board;
  • putting a note in the bulletin inviting church members to sign up for the Engage e-newsletter;
  • using Engage information in your mission presentations, such as with our new Mission Moments slideshows;
  • encouraging members to “like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter;
  • sharing our Facebook story links on your church’s Facebook page.


Second, tell the stories of your church’s involvement in missions through Engage.
  • Register to write a story of how God is drawing your church into Christ’s mission to the world.
  • Review an interesting mission book or video.
  • Encourage your church family to contribute their mission stories and essays, too.


To sign up for our monthly email newsletter, visit and select Engage Magazine in the Publications list.


To register to contribute your story, click on “Log In” at the top of the Engage home page, click on the “create new account” tab, then fill out the form. Once you validate your registration by clicking on a link that is sent to your e-mail, you will be able to sign in at and begin writing!


For more information or questions, contact Managing Editor Gina Pottenger at, or on Skype at ginagp06. For website questions, call Darryl Bennett in the NMI office at 913-577-2973.


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