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ENGAGE Magazine Mission Moments 

We take a recent compelling story from Engage magazine and format it as a public storytelling tool through a PowerPoint slideshow and accompanying speaking script.


Our objective is to provide busy local presidents with a ready-made, powerful mission story that they can quickly share in a service or prayer meeting. Those presenting in churches without media technology can simply read from the scripts, which come with pronunciation guides.


Special thanks are owed to Sondra Hanlon, NMI president of Media Church of the Nazarene, in Media, Pennsylvania, U.S., for designing the slideshows and advising on the presentations.


  Double Wedding in Haina

  Double Wedding in Haina - Script


  Roma Couple Testimony

  Roma Couple Testimony - Script


  Syria Crisis

  Syria Crisis - Script


  God at the Races

  God at the Races - Script


  The Missionary and the Witch Doctor

  The Missionary and the Witch Doctor - Script


  Indian Tears

  Indian Tears - Script

  Going Mobile

  Going Mobile - Script


  Turks & Caicos

  Turks & Caicos - Script


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