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Many Faces of an NMI Council  

Every church is different. Your local NMI teams needs to fit the needs of their local churches. Ideally we hope that every church has a council of at least 4-6 officers/members, but the reality is not every church can do that. Some churches can do much more! Knowing and suggesting options for churches on your district should strengthen the NMI on your district. Take a look at a few different council models:

Model 1:

A New Start Church/small church with a vision for local mission trying to go global. It only has a president and no formal officers or council members.
NMI President: Leads a small group Bible study from home twice a month using the Living Mission curriculum. Plans special mission events once or twice a year. Coordinates with other mission team members. Submits NMI forms at the end of the year.
Pastor: Encourages the congregation to be active in local mission to food pantries, homeless shelters, after-school programs, etc. Leads the congregation in prayer for global issues once a month.
Teenager: Motivates other youth and children to pray for a missionary and learn about different world areas.
Church Treasurer: Helps to set goals and arrange for offerings for World Evangelism Fund and one or two other special mission projects.
Model 2:

A mid-size to large, established, mission-minded church. They have had an NMI council for years and have funds to support mission events.

NMI President: Leads the mission team and facilitates mission efforts.
Vice President:
Assists the president and serves other areas of mission projects.
Keeps statistical records and submits year-end forms. Takes notes at council meetings.
Treasurer: Keeps track of all mission funds. Oversees offerings and sends them to the appropriate location.
Praying Coordinator: Organizes and mobilizes the church to pray for global mission using praying resources (from NMI and other sources) and occasional praying events.
Discipling Coordinator: Plans hands-on discipleship activities, especially for children and youth.
Giving Coordinator: Helps set giving goals to World Evangelism Fund and other special offerings. Finds fun and creative ways to communicate these giving opportunities to the church.
Educating Coordinator: Gives mission education curriculum to youth pastor and children's pastor for occasional mission lessons at designated times. Holds Bible study centered around the Living Mission curriculum.
Mission Call Coordinator: Facilitates the development and mentoring of young people sensing a call to full-time mission work.
Work & Witness Coordinator: Plans and organizes Work & Witness trips.

Model 3:

Mid- to small-size church struggling to get people involved in NMI. They believe people would be excited about global mission if they just knew more, but finding time and ways to communicate that is a challenge.

NMI President/Praying Coordinator: Leads the NMI Council and finds opportunities for the church to pray for missions regularly.
Vice President/Discipling Coordinator: Assists the president and plans exciting mission activities for children and youth once a quarter.
Secretary/Educating Coordinator: Keeps statistics for NMI, submits year-end reports, encourages Sunday School teachers to use mission education curriculum and organizes book clubs for people who read mission books.
Treasurer/Giving Coordinator: Sets giving goals and promotes giving opportunities for mission. Keeps track of all funds collected and expended.


Find models that works for the churches on your district and/or suggest adaptations for them. Help them focus on what they can do, not on what they can't, and God will bless their efforts!


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