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JESUS Film Harvest Partners
JESUS Film Ministry Trips What is a Ministry Trip?
  • Your church or group raises the project funds ($6,000) for new equipment and your travel and on-field expenses. (Expenses based on destination.)
  • You select your destination from a list generated by the JESUS Film field leadership which identifies where trips are needed. The list is available HERE.
  • Your group of 7 to 10 people will travel to the field and deliver the equipment to the ministry team.
  • You will receive on-field cultural orientation and participate in JESUS Film ministry.
  • This could include handing out invitations, helping set up and tear down the equipment, and praying during showings. (It will not include addressing the crowd during showings.)
  • Additional ministry opportunities could include EvangeCube outreach, VBS, compassionate ministries, etc.
Why Serve through JESUS Film Ministry Trips?
  • You will experience the power of the gospel as people are introduced to Christ through this simple and highly effective tool.
  • You will meet and interact with JESUS Film team leadership on the field.
  • You will deliver equipment that is lighter, brighter, and more advanced than what the teams currently have.
  • You may deliver other valuable resource tools (such as the EvangeCube) which improves discipleship follow-up and helps plant Preaching Points.
For more information, visit the JFHP site.