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Just as the earliest Christians “pooled their resources so that each person's need was met,” (Acts 2:45, The Message) believers today eagerly share what they have to bring new members into God’s family.

In 159 world areas, Nazarenes’ passion for mission compels them to give in all kinds of ways: volunteering time, praying for all people to know Christ, generously sharing resources, and passing on the stories of the church, to name just a few.

One simple and essential way to express mission passion is financial support. NMI has designed a bunch of opportunities to support mission workers and meet human needs around the world through resource sharing.

And no one wants to be left out: a Zimbabwean woman brings the family’s only chicken to the altar during a mission offering; a United States teenager picks up a part-time job so he can give to the same offering; a Brazilian student donates her new computer to the church; a Korean businessman gives some of his profit to World Evangelism Fund; a group of Jamaican eight-year-olds offer a can of coins they’ve collected from friends and neighbors.

Nazarenes around the world generously share their resources to expand Christ’s kingdom on earth!

Look around this page to find ways you can link arms with Nazarenes everywhere in giving of yourself to mission.