What does it mean to be a local NMI president? How does this expand your role in your local church? There are many things associated with being an NMI president. Often, we think first of all the tasks to accomplish, emphases to promote, Faith Promise weekends to plan. But being an NMI president isn't about accomplishing programs.
If you are an NMI president, you are a global mission strategist – a mission leader who looks for opportunities to connect your local church with God's global mission and who leads a team to make that potential a reality.
There is no need for your role to be kept a secret. I would encourage you to sit down with your pastor, mission team, and ministry leaders at your church. Build strong relationships with them and help them see your role in God's global mission lived out in your local church. Dream together. Reach together. Soar together.
The future of NMI will be defined by relationships, authenticity, collaboration, and diversity. NMI has always and continues to lead the way in global prayer, intergenerational disciple making, generous giving, and cross-cultural education. We encourage you to envision new significance for NMI that is deeply rooted in our rich history and is moving toward our dynamic future.
NMI is an integral member of our Global Mission strategy team. Your partnership is essential/vital in God's mission lived out in the Church of the Nazarene. We appreciate you!