2018-2019 Children's NMI Mission Books

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All-Reader Books

Flat Brother by Genelle Cope 

Two eight-year-old boys, one from the United States, one from Nicaragua, are introduced through a child sponsorship program. They begin writing each other, and experience God’s love through the program’s far-reaching impact. This story is fiction based on facts about the child sponsorship program through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and Feed the Hungry. 

High-Flying Strangers by Lynne Chambers 

When members of a small Nazarene church in the US learned about student pilots in their area, they began to pray for a way to reach them. Today a number of student pilots from this Creative Access Area have come to know Christ through the ministry of this local church. This book is based on a true story, but the names have been changed for security reasons. 

Night of the VooDoo Invaders by Lynda T. Boardman 

This story takes place in Gros-Morne, Haiti. The main plot focuses on the Zamor family and the persecution they endured from the voodoo community. It demonstrates God’s provision and protection for their family. The story also relates the experiences of a youth missions trip to Haiti with a different approach from Work & Witness. They used soccer camps and the JESUS Film as opportunities to share their Christian faith.

Advanced Books

Beware of the Blue-Ringed Octopus by Tami Brumbaugh 

A young boy in Papua New Guinea is bitten by a blue-ringed octopus while spearfishing in the Bismark Sea. Nursing students perform CPR as they rush him to the Nazarene Mission Hospital in Kudjip. Even an intrusion by a machete-wielding man cannot deter God’s plan to provide physical and spiritual healing. This story is fiction based on facts about the Nazarene Mission Hospital, the Nazarene College of Nursing, and the Dooley family. 

Brookelyn’s Dream Comes True by Cheryl Crouch 

This book is based on a true story. Brookelyn and her brothers were part of Southern Nazarene University’s Commission to Mexico trip when Brookelyn was 14 years old. They served at a retirement center and ended up starting a new church! Brookelyn loved it so much, she longed to go back to the mission field. God opened her eyes to the opportunity to serve with the Hispanic congregation meeting in her own church building. 

The Case of the Missing Cross by Wes Eby 

This book is based on true Nazarene missions work in the Navajo Nation. It includes factual information about some places and the culture of the Navajo people. While information about tentmaker missionaries is true, the Elvin and Yazzie families and the plot about Alfred and the stolen cross have been added and fictionalized to make the story more readable for children. 

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