Projetos em Destaque

SEA: Southeast Asia Pastor Training Handbooks Development 

Previous Summary: Translation of the COS for South East Asia into each of the 6 major languages use by students in our college. This will help students take home materials (literature or audio) in t

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Camino al Cielo Christian School

Our school started in the living room of an orphanage in 1986, with a small group of children. Thirty-one years later our Christian school ministers to over 260 students from some of the harshest and

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Holy Cow! (an income generating effort in Ethiopia)

In the Horn of Africa many families survive on less than two dollars a day. Rural farmers and their families have an even more vulnerable existence as they rely on seasonal rains not only to feed thei

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Central Africa Farming

Agriculture is proving to be a holistic way of reaching entire communities with the Gospel. While providing food to areas experiencing food scarcity, the local leaders are able to raise funds for the

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