Around the world, the local church utilizes a wide variety tools to educate, disciple, and evangelize. The following resources are available to help local, district, and regional leaders in the development of various discipleship ministries.


Various resources are region-specific and can be accessed by clicking on the desired link below:

South America


Wesleyan-holiness curriculum is available for all ages through Nazarene Publishing House. Click to view the educational materials available, including Sunday School lessons for children, youth, and adults; small group resources; and more.

Tell THE Story

Tell THE Story is a relational, small group discipling method that helps individuals teach the Bible in a way that listeners can easily receive, remember, and retell.


”Will You Be That Someone?”

Click here to view and download.


Click here to download a PDF brochure detailing the various SDMI ministries and resources available.

Download the Ten Commandments poster, available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean.

Click here to download this ready-to-duplicate template offering helpful guidelines for class members to use when preparing to invite a friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member to Sunday School.

This downloadable PDF offers a collection of ideas for ways to develop and promote Sunday School and discipleship programs in the local church.


The SDMI logo and official Church of the Nazarene logos are available for download here.

Online Disciple Makers

If you would like to help searching people learn more about Jesus, encourage them in their faith, and pray for personal requests, consider becoming an online disciple maker.