The Church of the Nazarene’s Stories series shares how lives are being transformed through ministry efforts around the globe. 

These stories are made possible thanks to the prayers, involvement, and support of Nazarenes worldwide through the World Evangelism Fund

Volume 2 - 2018

A New Heart

In the face of death and destruction, the powerful love of Christ breaks the hardened heart of High Chief Tuimalu Tai. Years later, Pastor Tai has now dedicated his life to the Lord by ministering to those who suffer from the addictions he once faced.

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Changed By Love

Ron Smith's life was forever changed when he visited a food pantry for the first time at JaxNaz Church in Jackson, Michigan, USA.


Discovering a Personable Christ

At first, they wanted nothing to do with the Nazarenes when they came to town. But now, faith in Jesus gives these youth soccer players a reason to pursue their dreams as their pastors facilitate discipleship in the community.


Haiti Water Project

Orangers, Haiti — once riddled with waterborne illnesses — is now experiencing transformation as Nazarenes reach out to the community in service and education through the Haiti Water Project.

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After her parents’ divorce, Nargiza tried to commit suicide twice. It wasn’t until a friend invited her to church that she finally felt loved. After accepting Christ, the next challenge was witnessing to her family.

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