Steven and Rachael Beiler

Steven and Rachael Beiler
Steven and Rachael Beiler
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Steve and Rachael Beiler are missionaries to the country of Albania on the Central Europe Field.  They arrived in Albania on January 8, 2002. 

Rachael Beiler received a call to be a missionary when she was only 8 years old.  She was traveling with her family, and her mother was reading a missionary book to their three children.  When her mother finished the book, Rachael said, “I am going to be a missionary!”  She began to prepare for this missionary call at that moment.  Steve confirmed his missionary call after a two-month mission trip to India in 1994.  He immediately began planning to attend Nazarene Theological Seminary at that time. 

Steve graduated from Eastern Nazarene College with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology in 1995. He obtained his Masters of Divinity at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City (USA) in 2000.  Rachael graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a K-8 Education degree, and received a Cross-Cultural Certificate at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City in 2000.

Steve volunteered at Blue Hills Church of the Nazarene in Kansas City, Missouri, USA for 5 years during his seminary education. During that time, he also worked in the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries office coordinating Program Promotions. In 2000, he took the youth pastorate at Blue Hills in inner-city Kansas City.  While attending Seminary starting in 1998, Rachael worked in the General Treasurer’s office of the Church of the Nazarene for a year, as a teller at Bank of America for a year, and then taught kindergarten at an inner-city school. 

They were married on January 2, 1999, and went on missionary contract in August of 2001.

Steve served as the District Superintendent for the Albania-Kosovo District from 2005-2014, and again since October 2016. He continues to serve as the NCM Coordinator, Mission Treasurer, and Literature Coordinator.  Rachael continues to serve in the areas of Prayer and Fasting Coordination, Work and Witness and Volunteer Coordinator, and hospitality.  Together they are assisting several new church plants.

Steve and Rachael have four beautiful children – Abigail (18), Joshua (16), Hannah (13), and Elison (8).

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