Mitch and Marnie Modine

Mitch and Marnie Modine
Mitch and Marnie Modine
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May 01, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022 | United States

The Modines are a cross-cultural couple serving on the Asia-Pacific region. Mitchel is from Tennessee, USA and Marnie is a native of the Philippines. Mitchel has a PhD in Old Testament and Marnie has an MBA.  Mitch and Marnie met at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) and were married in 2009. 

Mitchel has been a professor at APNTS for 8 years.  He enjoys learning languages.  He loves teaching the Old Testament to his students.  Interacting with students of diverse cultures motivates him.  His desire is for these future leaders to develop deep understanding of the Biblical foundations of ministry. Mitchel also preaches once a month in the local Nazarene church they attend.

Marnie has worked in the Regional Office since 1997 and has served in various capacities.  She currently serves the Asia-Pacific region as Regional Secretary. She likes being a support staff to the leaders in the regional office.  She loves to sing as a part of the APNTS Choir.  Cooking is her stress reliever.

Both Mitch and Marnie also love to minister to APNTS seminarians assigned to their Koinonia covenant group.

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