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Giving Code:  128129
Region:  Africa
Area:  Africa
Cost(USD$):  50,000

The Africa Strategic Advance Field is composed of six of the least reached nations on the continent. These six countries cover 25% of Africa's geography and 11% of its population. Forty years ago, no evangelical church existed in any of these countries. Today, we have seen breakthroughs in three countries: Country 2 has 2,000 believers among 30 million residents. Country 3 has 100,000 believers among 40 million residents. Country 4 has 2,000 believers out of 10 million residents. In addition, Country 1 has 300 believers out of 4 million residents. Country 5 has 50 believers out of 7 million residents. Our Mission is to help churches in the least reached nations of Africa to replicate themselves. God has called us to learn from these fruitful workers. Our intention is to: 1) Complete a survey of fruitful discipleship in 2017. 2) Develop a discipleship program that draws upon the fruits of these lessons in 2018. 3) Conduct at least 8 visits into the field in 2017 to nurture new groups of believers in new places. 4) Deploy at least one full-time long-term worker in each country by 2020. We pray that many of these workers are from the majority religious background of the region. 5) Conduct at least one team retreat for our dispersed workers each year. 6) Organize 1-2 relief projects over the next year. 7) Develop the platform for our new website in 2017. 8) Launch 25 new house groups in the region through our discipleship program by 2020.

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