Peter and Jenny Isaac

Peter and Jenny Isaac
Peter and Jenny Isaac
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Aug 20, 2022 - Sep 30, 2022 | Papua New Guinea

Called to Serve in Vanuatu

Greetings all, we are the Isaacs, Peter, Jenny, Bennett, Enrich and Isaac Junior. We are originally from Papua New Guinea but called by God to serve Him here in Vanuatu, one of the Pacific Island countries.

Peter has been a Pastor for many years before he meet Jenny. They got married in 1996. Peter pastored Neville Bartle Memorial Church at Kundiawa (PNG) and Jenny was working as a nurse at the hospital. In 1998, Peter heard the call to return for continue education in ministry. Jenny resigned from her job and they left for Bible College. They both graduated from the Melanesian Nazarene Bible College with Bachelor degree in Theology. They have been teaching at Melanesian Nazarene Bible College, Chaplin for Bible student, and college church pastors. Peter was also a Chairmen of the Melanesian Nazarene Publication house while Jenny was working at the College clinic and starting Women’s radio ministry; “Krai Blong Ol Meri” program.

On our journey with the Lord, God has blessed us with three handsome boys namely Bennett, Ennrich, and Isaac Junior. Together we have been serving the Lord at MNBC when God called us to leave our families and relatives, our home and our country to go and make disciples. In 2006 we all said yes Lord yes and left for Vanuatu.

In the mission field our mission is to make Christ like disciples in the nation in which God called us to serve Him. To accomplish the goal of making disciples, we build relationships with people and lead them to Christ, we preach, teach and train upcoming leaders, guide and administer the churches. We’ve been servings God as regional missionaries in Melanesian South Pacific field for 13 years until 2019 the global missions recognized us as global missionaries.

Our three sons have been very supportive to Gods mission here in Vanuatu within those years. In 2020 Bennett our first born son left for University. Ennrich has graduated from high school and Junior is in 9th grade.

We all praise God for this higher calling to serve him in his kingdom that will never be destroyed.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support in giving to preach the Holiness message and extend God’s kingdom.

Peter, Jenny, Bennett, Ennrich, and Isaac Junior   

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