Benjamin and Hannah Ponder

Benjamin and Hannah Ponder
Benjamin and Hannah Ponder
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As missionaries assigned to Serbia, Ben & Hannah will be living in the city of Belgrade, primarily to serve the refugees there. Ben graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University with a Bachelor's degree in Religion and has served as a volunteer missionary in Croatia for 2 years. Hannah graduated from Southern Nazarene University and has several years of professional experience teaching pre-school children and working with children with special needs. Ben is a former youth pastor, worship pastor, and College-aged ministries pastor. Ben & Hannah got married in 2018 and were sensitive to God's call on their life to be missionaries as they progressed from dating into marriage.

Some of the different ways that God will be using Ben & Hannah in Serbia include teaching English to refugees, working with children at refugee camps and Roma villages, and teaching youth how to play musical instruments like the guitar. Ben & Hannah are passionate about educating and meeting the needs of people who find themselves in difficult situations in which local culture seems to harm rather than help them. Ben & Hannah are striving to make relationships with these people and bring them into a relationship with Christ by showing them God's love and care.

As Ben & Hannah go to meet the needs of refugees in Serbia they will also be learning and adapting to Serbian culture and language to better serve the local people. Please pray for the refugees, Roma, and the Serbian people as Ben & Hannah walk alongside them as they also walk with God.

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