PALCON 2024 – One Heart!

Nazarene Discipleship International

Are you planning to attend PALCON 2024?


Mount Vernon Nazarene University will host PALCON June 25-27, 2024.


Eastern Nazarene College will host PALCON July 17-19, 2024.


NDI USA/Canada Leadership Conference (LC2024) November 5-7, 2024

Nazarene Discipleship International
NDI LC 2024

Nazarene Discipleship International will hold LC2024 at the Hyatt Regency hotel downtown in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This strategic location in the central United States provides ease of travel from anywhere in the USA/Canada Region. The LC2024 conference begins on Tuesday evening, November 5, and continues through Thursday morning, November 7, 2024.


Kids Reaching Kids Enables Vacation Bible School in Armenia

Nazarene Discipleship International
Armenia VBS

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a key ministry in Armenia. It is an evangelistic tool to attract and invite new children. It is also a perfect way for disciplining them. Last year’s VBS theme was “Follow Jesus here, there, and everywhere.” Armenian children enjoy the VBS to the maximum, and it is one of the most expected activities of the year.


Are You Ready for Your 2024 VBS?

Nazarene Discipleship International
VBS 2024

River Rafting Adventure


This year’s VBS is titled River Rafting Adventure! Are you ready to lead your children on an exciting adventure? River Rafting Adventure is available for free download in both English and Spanish.


Brazil Resized

Brazil national NMI meeting challenges…

09 May 2024
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Remembering Nazarenes Who Are Suffering Because of Wars

Natasha Skyba
Global Ministries Assistant
Pray for Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, starting a full-scale war that Europe has not seen since 1946. For the past two years, the Ukrainian people have been living in a different reality, fighting to protect their country and the hundreds of thousands of residents losing their homes. Let’s continue to pray for Ukraine and Russia, that peace will be restored. I am also a Ukrainian who escaped the war. I have a family there, and the reality is worse than we can imagine.

Teach Children to Make Good Choices

Beula Postlewait
Communications Representative
Making Choices

For teachers and parents, it is easier to tell children what to do than to guide them in making a choice. However, this approach creates teens and young adults who fail to make good choices, because they have always depended on others to make decisions for them.

Africa Kids

Africa West Francophone Field emphasizes…

09 May 2024
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Providing Intentional Mentoring and Equipping

Nazarene Discipleship International
Providing Intentional Mentoring and Equipping

One of Jesus’ methods of discipleship was through the personal Intentional Mentoring and Equipping of a chosen group of individuals. Jesus’ approaches helped Christianity grow and transform society. Our core principles in the new Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) Bylaws call our attention to mentoring as a loving way to introduce non-believers to the full knowledge of Christ and to teach accountability to growing Christians. For this, we need deliberate, planned, intended, and calculated mentoring and equipping.

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