Women’s Discipleship Ministries Gather at General Assembly

Kalyn Voglemann
USA/Canada Women’s Discipleship Ministries Chair
Women's Discipleship Ministries

General Assembly 2023 was a wonderful way for Nazarene women to connect. The USA/Canada women's discipleship representatives enjoyed all the ways we gathered and greeted one another through our booth, worship gatherings, workshops, or spontaneous meetings in the halls as we celebrated our bond of love in God. We began the assembly with a constant flow of visitors to our booth, Nazarene Women of Grace on the Journey Together.

South Africa, Germany Nazarenes

Germany, South Africa Nazarenes unite for…

13 Sep 2023
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English Training

Chapman International College welcomes…

13 Sep 2023
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A Special Invitation to all Nazarene Educators

By Dr. Marilyn J. Dominick
Nazarene Educators Worldwide

As you work in your area of education, you are committed to ministry to your students and their families, as well as to your colleagues. We are so thankful for all that you do to show Christ’s love to others every day. 


Nebraska NDI district president passes away unexpectedly

Nazarene Discipleship International
Barry Kennard

Barry Kennard, 54, of Hastings, Nebraska, passed away 11 August 2023. Kennard served as co-lead pastor of Lakeside Community Church in Hastings, alongside his wife, Krystal Kennard. He also served as the NDI president for the Nebraska District.


The Kennard family were visiting relatives in Vancouver, Washington, when Barry had a sudden medical emergency and passed away.


Looking for a New VBS Program?

Nazarene Discipleship International

Every year, Nazarene churches are bombarded by numerous VBS programs from other denominations and companies while not realizing that Nazarenes have a VBS curriculum created by Nazarenes. So before you purchase a VBS resource that doesn’t reflect the Wesleyan-Holiness theology, investigate one created especially for your children. And it is a free download! 

GA Kids at General Assembly and Conventions

Nazarene Discipleship International
GA Kids

During the 30th General Assembly and Conventions, a new event took place: GA Kids! From June 9-11, there were numerous intentional age-specific services and resources created for early childhood and elementary children. This included speakers, special guests, games, and messages that coincided with the theme of the main worship services.

NDI Receives Grant to Begin New Ministry Initiative for People with Disabilities

Nazarene Discipleship International
Disability Ministry

In January, NDI, in partnership with Wonderful Works Ministry, submitted a proposal to the Lilly Endowment to provide special resourcing to USA and Canada churches with the goal of equipping our churches to become more accessible to people with disabilities. We are pleased to announce that the proposal was approved, and NDI received a grant to support this five-year initiative.

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