Benin Pendjari Agriculture Project - Kouarfa

Benin Pendjari Agriculture Project - Kouarfa

Benin Pendjari Agriculture Project - Kouarfa

Giving Code: 134329
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 27,500


This is a community development project which is also supporting local missionaries working in the Sahel corridor. The local chief has donated 100 hectares of land for development, and we have a competent leader, Pastor Lot, who has been dedicated to the work and has been developing the land. The project has already been running for 3 years with good progress, but it needs to jump to the next level in order to reach its full potential.
The project requires large amounts of water, so a deep well with a tower is needed. To drill the well and put up the water tower needed for distribution will cost approximately $12,500 USD. This will provide a steady water source for the project and will guarantee that the crops will grow during the dry season.
The second need is a tractor for the farm, which will be able to plow the large areas and cultivate the farm beyond the local work force,  A tractor will provide what is needed for regular development on such a large farm. It will also help in delivery of produce to the local markets and offer options for a variety of crop rotations.  This project will help grow the farm into a commercial operation able to support local missionaries in the Sahel region. The cost of the tractor in the local market is $15,000 USD.
This community has already begun a good work.  Assisting in this expansion will truly encourage the people and will produce a great harvest for the kingdom.

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