AJ and Chelsea Fry

AJ and Chelsea Fry
AJ and Chelsea Fry
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We are so excited that you have decided to check out our page and hope you will get a sense of what the Lord is doing through our lives. Both of us have different stories, but when we got married we realized pretty quickly that serving cross-culturally was going to be a huge part of our ministry. As Nazarenes, we have been so incredibly blessed and humbled by the immense amount of support we have received from local, district, and even global connections made through the Church. We're passionate about discipleship, teens, and connecting the mission of God with everyone's daily life. If you are interested in following along on our journey, check out our Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com/FryFamilyUpdate

Our Assignment

We are so privileged to be serving on Mesoamerica's Central Field as the Communications Coordinator and Global Missions Coordinator. Our field is made up of Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Puerto Rico. All five countries are Spanish speaking but have very different cultures depending on where you are. As the Coordinator for Communications, AJ will be spending a lot of his time helping to connect the local districts and the region in their communication. He will help to share the stories coming from our five different countries and also help our field to know and hear the stories coming from other fields and regions. For Chelsea, serving as the Global Missions Coordinator means working with the five different countries to discover, develop, and deploy new Nazarene missionaries. She will be focusing on creating a culture that invests in those who profess a call to serve cross-culturally as well as creating opportunities for the local Churches to learn more about what it means to be a Missionary.

How you can get involved:

We need your help in three different areas!

1. Prayer - Our goal is to have a vibrant community of people standing with us through prayer. We are convinced prayer is the difference between a successful and a selfish ministry.
2. Giving - As Missionaries, we have watched God move mountains known as financial barriers. It has been incredible to watch people give faithfully even when they weren't sure where their $5/month was going to come from. A huge part of our testimony is God showing up through finances. In a world where finances dictate so much, why wouldn't we expect the Lord to be faithful in that area? We are constantly looking for monthly donors. This means you do not have to have $1,000 tucked away to give to missions but instead $5/month to help the ongoing ministry that we are working with. If you are interested in giving monthly, click the donation link on this page.
3. Serving - We are products of people putting action behind their words. Both of us would not be serving as missionaries had it not been for someone else serving in their local context that pointed us towards God. In this world, we need people like you that are faithful to the call to "Make Disciples" in their everyday life. In what way is God tugging at your heart to get involved in discipleship ministry? We’d love to pray with you as you take intentional steps of obedience in service to the Lord.

In all three of these areas, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out on our facebook page or by emailing us at aj.chelsea.fry@ gmail.com.

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