Global Ministry Center celebrates 15th anniversary

Global Ministry Center celebrates 15th anniversary

Nazarene News Staff
| 06 Oct 2023
GMC Anniversary

The Global Ministry Center of the Church of the Nazarene celebrated its 15th anniversary last month. The administrative offices of the global church began operating from the two-story, 109,000-square-foot facility in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, on 15 September 2008. 

That day concluded a multi-year relocation project from the buildings of the former international headquarters of the Church of the Nazarene, located at 6401 The Paseo in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, which had served the denomination for over half a century.

“The 15th anniversary of the move to Lenexa has been a reminder of how the Lord has faithfully and generously provided for the needs of his church,” said Bill Sawyer, chief administrative officer for the Church of the Nazarene. “We continue to trust him as the Holy Spirit enables the GMC family to be a resource for equipping local churches and districts around the world to spread scriptural holiness and make Christlike disciples in the nations.”

Considerations for relocating began in 1996 with a series of continual studies, market analyses, and reports. These efforts culminated in 2005 with the Headquarters Relocation Study Committee’s recommendation to the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene that the denominational headquarters be relocated to a building to be constructed on 38 acres of land at 95th Street and Renner Road in Lenexa. 

The General Board approved the recommendation, and the grand opening was targeted for fall 2008 to coincide with the centennial celebration of the Church of the Nazarene.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Sunday, 26 February 2006. Several hundred Nazarenes representing all six world regions met at 95th and Renner under a tent raised specifically for the event. Then General Superintendent Jerry Porter spoke to the assembled crowd:

“Today, we gather from around the world to visually and symbolically launch this historic endeavor for our denominational family. As we approach our centennial in 2008, we are mindful of that great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people everywhere. In fact, we are here because someone cared and introduced us to Jesus. That mission compels us–it is not primarily about a physical building but rather a ‘Global Ministry Center’ that will foster productive global disciple-making endeavors.”

Two and a half years after the groundbreaking ceremony, the Global Ministry Center opened its doors. On the opening Monday morning, 15 September 2008, employees and guests were welcomed by the Board of General Superintendents. All six regional directors were present to represent their world regions, including future general superintendents Gustavo Crocker (Eurasia), Eugénio Duarte (Africa), and Christian Sarmiento (South America).

Members of the Board of General Superintendents led all who were present that day in a time of worship, including “giving thanks for God’s blessing on the work and vision that led to the creation and occupancy of the GMC.”

The Global Ministry Center continues to serve and resource the local ministries of the Church of the Nazarene in 164 world areas. Thanks to the generosity of donors from around the world, no World Evangelism funds were necessary in constructing the building. Through an endowment, the Global Ministry Center will continue to receive necessary upkeep and maintenance without use of World Evangelism funds.



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