Multicultural Ministries launches leadership development program

Multicultural Ministries launches leadership development program

by | 22 Sep 2015
Left to right, row one: Rhonda Carrim, Tina Pitamber, Christina Suos, Juan Jose, Roberto Hodgson
Row two: Cassandra Trotman, Nahomie Samuel, Lydia Zhao, Jorge Romero, Sonja Brown-Singer
Row three: Div Tosingilo, Shane Burt-Miller, Ismael Flores, Ritchie Asuega
Row four: Errol Carrim, Carlos Fernando Portillo, David Gillett, Duke Lassiter
Row five: Aaron Shin, Jeffrey Padre-Guiwa

The Multicultural Ministries Office launched the Ethnic Leadership Development Initiative September 15 to 17. Through the two-year program, the next generation of young leaders from different ethnic groups on the USA/Canada Region will be coached, mentored, and develop. The first cohort was made up of 17 young ministers. 

The ethnic facilitators used the following criteria to select young leaders to represent their ethnicity or ministry:

  • Active in ministry and serving in a local church;
  • Have ministerial education background;
  • Are potential candidates for membership on a Strategic Readiness Team;
  • Willing to be developed by a coaching system for two years

In accordance with the program's “knowing and being known” objective, several Church of the Nazarene leaders were introduced to the group and presented devotionals.  

Program facilitators Errol and Rhonda Carrim will coach the group through personal contact, webinars, a blog, and book and article readings. A mentoring structure will be established and a mentor will be assigned to each member.  

At the end of the last session, a participant covenant was signed by the members.

--Multicultural Ministries


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