The tweet that fed 180 people

Photo credit: Karen Lewis

A Nazarene in Germany posted a challenge on Twitter, and as a result, over 180 homeless people were fed in 11 countries around the world in a day. In addition to that, work was started that is continuing past that day. This is a testimony to the power of social media, but it is also a testimony to the power of the God who can take something like Twitter or Facebook and use it to transform lives in the real world.

What happened through social media recently is an example of this continuing incarnational movement of God. Here’s what happened:

I had this sudden thought, “What if we used the power of social media to reach around the world?” I posted a tweet with the challenge that I believed if we all got together we could feed 100 homeless people around the world all in one day.

For the rest of the story, see Engage magazine.

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