What’s Your Bible Reading Plan for 2024?

What’s Your Bible Reading Plan for 2024?

By Daryll Stanton, NDI Global Resourcing Coordinator | 22 Jan 2024

Reflecting God

Comprehensive biblical learning is a core principle for Christlike discipleship. Jesus placed a high priority on teaching his disciples from the Scriptures. The knowledge of the Scriptures combined with Jesus’ instructions shaped their knowledge of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.


It’s good to have a plan suitable to your spiritual development that engages you in God’s Word on a daily basis.


There are a number of daily Bible reading plans available online. One such plan that may be helpful is “Daily Bible Reading” by the American Bible Society. It is available to download for free as well as to receive via a daily email.


Each quarter, the Foundry Publishing offers a three-month Reflecting God devotional booklet that follows the scriptures related to upcoming sessions when used with the Adult Faith Connections Bible study. Each daily devotional contains a Scripture reading, reflection, inspirational quote, hymn excerpt, and prayer request designed to help readers strengthen their faith. It can be used in conjunction with the Sunday school material or for individual reading and inspiration. A free e-edition is also available at reflectinggod.com.


Whatever plan you chose, it should fit your current goals to enhance your walk with Jesus. You can connect with me to share your plan at dstanton@nazarene.org