South Asia Field Pastor Education Partnership

South Asia Field Pastor Education Partnership

South Asia Field Pastor Education Partnership

Giving Code: 128043
Region: Eurasia
Area: Eurasia
COST (USD$): 125,000


The South Asia Field (which includes Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal) is experiencing a crisis in educating our pastors and maturing them to the point of ordination. At present, there are 4,053 fully organized churches on the South Asia Field, but only 326 ordained pastors. This is a problem of epic proportion. This crisis is expected to continue as this field is one of the fastest growing fields in the Church of the Nazarene.
In May 2017, the six District Superintendents of the South Asia Field set the goal of planting almost 2,000 more churches in the next five years.  As we reach toward this goal, we will need pastors to be trained with excellence. If we desire to have a strong, dynamic church in the future, we must adequately train our pastors today. Nothing will make a more lasting and long-term difference in our South Asia churches as ensuring that we have the strongest possible leaders. Let's help train and educate our pastors with excellence.
Your gift to this project will support a five-year plan to:
  1. Conduct a thorough pastor education assessment of each country and district on the South Asia Field including the availability and work of South Asia Nazarene Bible College, availability of professors, possible locations for classes, curriculum materials, and training needs.
  2. Evaluate and train the District Credentials & Ministerial Studies boards related to producing the strongest possible Christian pastors for each country.
  3. Seek those who can be trained to be Master Trainers within each country and District. 
  4. Locate those willing to train the trainers. We hope to ask our current Nazarene Universities around the world if their professors currently serving and retired might be willing to come to South Asia and help us train the trainers.
  5. Establish foundations, trusts, and funds, and seek grants for scholarships. Our pastors in this part of the world are bi-vocational and when attending class, they miss work and lose pay. The distance and cost is often an issue for traveling to the needed classes. The cost of even one textbook is often beyond the ability of many. To add stability and sustainability we believe this part of the strategy must be established. 
Our mission and purpose will be considered successful if at the end of five years we have national teachers within all countries and districts, and training pastors can be done without further outside financial assistance or personnel. 

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